Wednesday 21st February 2018

One of the things my agent always stresses on me is the need for agency.  A character needs to be doing things, rather than have things happen to them.
Whilst early drafts can be guilty of forgetting that, it’s something I do believe in enough that I apply it to my own life.  I always need to be doing something, improving myself in one way or another, whether it be working on a new idea or new skills that can help support myself.  So I might go down a rabbit hole of learning about social media for a couple of weeks, but the net result will be things that should help my marketing going forwards.
I should always be moving forwards, which is why times like this are incredibly frustrating.
The injured finger still hurts, is still unusable.  I find it difficult to type, to drive.  There’s no way, even with the best hand protection in the world, that I can fight any sort of two-handed weapon system.  Heck, I find one handed hard enough.  And to make matters worse, I really do feel like it’s starting to get infected.
The net result is that I’m not looking forward to my competitions this weekend.  They were meant to be a way to pick myself up after last year’s tournament disappointment.  I eased myself into the year after forcing myself to take a break.  And then with the finger injury I’ve been forced to stop.
I think stopping was a sensible idea.  As much I miss that part of me that would just strap up the hand and battle on, I think given the seriousness of the injury I’ve done the right thing.  Nothing is lost by taking a forced break.  Better I get myself well and come back – literally – fighting.  But I’m so frustrated at my lack of momentum at the moment.
Perhaps there’s a lesson in humility in all this.  Perhaps I can use it as a reminder that nothing is given, everything has to be fought for, and no-one is beyond crashing out on their arse.  I always say that the writing and the swordfighting are connected, so perhaps there’s a lesson here ready for when a book bombs or an advance isn’t anywhere near what I hoped.
It doesn’t help that I’m currently at the stage where I’ve pretty much done everything I can with my writing.  Book 1 is with my agent and awaiting feedback.  Book 2 has been drafted and beta read but needs some rewriting once I know whether an editor or my agent wants further changes.  And Book 3 is being sketched out with the aim of getting a synopsis.  Anything more would be a waste as small changes in book 1 will have bigger impact on book 2 which could mean major changes in book 3.
So it’s not so much that I’m at a crossroads, but have done everything I can.  Maybe I should look at it that I’m prepared, I’m ready… but I just feel restless.  I want to get book 1 out there, I want to get book 2 revised, I want to come up with an awesome book 3.  And I want to fight.  I want to love it as much as I did and make myself better.
I long for agency, and perhaps it’s there, in the background.  But with my nose against the grindstone, I just can’t see it right now.
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