Friday 12th January 2018

I could talk today about my sadness, about how parts of my life I keep out of The Climb have become complex and difficult.  Instead,  I will just say that I live a normal human life with all the ups and heartbreaks and I’m not sure where in it’s arc that particular subplot is at.
Instead,  I’m going to focus on telling you about the edits I did this evening.  I’ve been making good progress despite other things occupying my mind.  I think I’ve been using it as a distraction, trying to keep my mind busy.  I reckon there’s a good chance I could get it finished in the next week.
I cut a major scene tonight… I’m not sure it’s needed.  It involves twins.  Their story is really meant to set up book 3 and I’m not sure that the cut scene really added anything to this book.  To me, it feels like it’s something that could be rejigged as part of book 3.  I’ve changed the magic system slightly in this draft and as a result it would have needed rework anyway.
I guess the only possible criticism is that their thread gets left around the middle of the book and as such it might feel as if they get forgotten about rather than set up for book 3.  But I’ll see what the beta readers think.
Other than that I’m generally happy with it.  There’s a female tertiary character that I wonder whether needs more filling out, and my notes are filled with plans to introduce others a lot earlier.  But hopefully my notes are such that it’s going to be quick work to go over all these points and make the required adjustments.
I’m now at the final battle, which is the scene I’m most nervous about.  It’s not as grand as the first book and it leaves me worrying that this book isn’t as action-packed as the first.  But again, this is why I have beta readers.
Other than that, it’s feeling pretty solid.  It feels like a book in its own right, a continuation of the story rather than a rehash (although there’s one scene I need to change as it’s a poor copy of book 1).
I’m excited to get it done and into people’s hands.  They’ll be further work to do, of course.  This is just a solid first draft and any more detailed work will have to wait until we know what’s happening with Black as Knight.
That means that my thoughts have already turned to book 3.  I’m not sure I’m going to dive straight into write a rough first draft.  I think I need a bit of a break first.  But I might plot it out so it’s good to go.
Of course, I also know that the moment this book is done I’m going to be frustrated with a bunch of different things.  It’s a diversionary tactic, but it’s one that’s productive in the long term.
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