Tuesday 20th February 2018

I’m feeling a lot brighter today.  After feeling low yesterday, I seem to have perked back up and have been on a bit of a high today.
It was another day of media consumption today.  My friend has been watching a lot of Supernatural lately and I’ve been joining in whenever I visit.  However, I’ve missed entire seasons and have only seen the episodes my friend was up to whenever I go round.
I’ve started to watch season 1 whilst working from home.  They’re very low spoonage and so I can have them on in the background and not pay much attention to them whilst I work.
They’ve not really given me any ideas for the Shade Knight series, which is a shame, as I could do with some more ideas for book 3.  I’d like to have that synopsis done by the end of the month, which could be hard given that I have a tournament all weekend.
I suppose if there’s anything I’ve taken from the series, it’s what it borrows from Dresden.  A series that large has a huge number of tertiary characters, just like Dresden.  I’d like to have that in the Shade Knight books too.  If I was being cynical I’d say that it’s so I had a lot of favourite characters to choose from when looking for someone to kill, but in all honesty, it allows for new and interesting conflicts as I mix and match.   I think Dresden does this very well and it helps keep the books from feeling like a simple “monster of the week” episodic series.  It’s not the only thing Dresden does to achieve this but it certainly plays its part.
A friend has a very stressful day tomorrow so I thought I’d do something nice and put together a self-care package for them to help them relax  after all their spoons had been spent.  I had a load of fun shopping:  Lush bathbomb, scented candles, charcoal facemask and a host of other things to allow them to pamper themselves.  I think they liked it.  Even if they had hated it, I still enjoyed the act of putting it together.
It made me realise that I do enjoy shopping for gifts.  It’s not so much the act of giving as the challenge of trying to come up with something meaningful and thoughtful that they’d never think of for themselves.  It’s far too easy to just spend money and get tat than it is to limit yourself and give something more thoughtful.
I guess my writing is a bit like that.   Sometimes the key isn’t to make something bigger, but to instead go smaller and deeper.  It’s sometimes the smallest of scenes that can have the biggest impact.   I don’t want to do the obvious thing when I write, which is why I like it when books and TV series mix up the tertiary characters.  It creates so many more writing opportunities.
I hope all this media consumption leads me somewhere interesting with this book as at the moment I still don’t have one functioning subplot.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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