Sunday 11th November 2018

Today I’ve been really bored.
I still think it’ll be a number of weeks before I start writing something new, and whilst I have a short story I need to work on, I was too restless for what is a delicate bit of prose.  And given I spent some time yesterday going over the plot for book 3, I’m a little empty on ideas right now.
Normally I’d go sparring.  But I still cannot bend my finger properly and it’s so numb in places it’s painful.  Even wearing my incredibly padded gloves, I think it sticks out enough to be a target, and given that even touching something gives me what feels like an electric shock, I don’t think it’s time to start knocking it about just yet.
I have managed to get more of the clotted bandages and strip stitches off.  Despite soaking the finger every day for a good 20 minutes or so, there’s been a lot of clotted blood to soak off.  And I really don’t think that pulling it off is a good idea while the finger is still healing.  Admittedly that’s coming from a baseless fear of pulling the end off but it hurts enough to stop me sleeping at night so I obviously still need to be careful.
However, I’ve revealed enough to see that it’s reattached slightly crooked.  I’m sure as the nail grows and I use it more, it’ll readjust, but at the moment it seems like a quarter of my  fingertip got badly glued on by a kid with his first airfix kit.
Whilst when I first injured myself I could convince myself that the injury saved me a lot of time and money on travel to and from training, today I’m really starting to get annoyed with it.
So I got up late (I had a late night last night), did the daily event in Warcraft on a load of characters and did some more missions in EVE Online… and by that time it was lunch.
I got restless, so I went into town, grabbed myself a Subway and Starbucks and then spent a couple of hours in the gym.  It wasn’t the heaviest of sessions but it was enough to make me feel I’d had a workout and made good use of my time.
I also started a new audiobook:  Kings of the Wyld.  The walk to and from town plus the 90 odd minutes in the gym meant I got a solid way in and I have to say that I’m enjoying it so far.  I’ve been waiting for a friend to catch up on Dresden 3 before jumping into my reread of book 4 so I reckon I have time to slip in an audiobook in the meantime.
I went to my friend’s house this evening to finish off watching Altered Carbon.  I’ve never read the book and normally cyberpunk isn’t really my thing, but I’ve loved this series.  The production quality has been as good as any major AAA Hollywood movie and I found myself enjoying pretty much every episode.
We’ve decided to jump into The Expanse next as a lot of friends seem to be loving it.  I’m not too convinced by the first episode but I guess I need to give it some time.
So that was Sunday, a day where nothing seemed to happen.  I’m sure something from the various entertainment I’ve consumed today (TV, videogame, book) will trigger ideas down the road, but at the moment it feels like little was gained creatively.
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