Wednesday 31st January 2018

I had intended to go back to work today but my finger was killing me this morning.  I think I must have moved around in the night and knocked it.  I don’t seem to need to do much for it to really hurt.  Just brushing it against something is enough to send spasms of pain up my arm.
So after waking up in agony I decided against going back to work today.  Just stretching my hand to be able to do CTRL-ALT-DEL – even if I don’t use my bad finger – hurts like hell.
So I had a bit of a lazy day today.
Mostly I played Warcraft because, as stupid as it sounds, the key presses are gentler than typing and don’t jar my unused bad finger.  But I found it difficult to move right (as my index finger would normally be on that key) so I dipped in and out throughout the day.
I created a new Highmountain Tauren Warrior and started levelling them.  Given how many 110s I currently have, I probably don’t want more.  I’d do better investing that time into professions so I could make gold.  But questing requires little brain power, and I really didn’t have a lot of energy today so dipping in and out seemed perfect.
I made a point of getting out the house.  As I writer I know how easy it is to not get some fresh air and so I dropped some files off round a friend’s house.  There wasn’t any real great rush, but I otherwise had no reason to step outside.
I got someone to cover my swordfighting teaching tonight.  Whilst when I teach I rarely fight, the pain in my hand is such that I’m not very focused.
Whilst it’s disappointing given that I’ve just started easing myself back in, I think it was the right call.  I can be very guilty of rushing back too soon after injury.  I felt a bit guilty about taking today off work, asking myself if I was just doing it so I could play Warcraft but I honestly think it was the right call.  I have quite a high pain tolerance and as a result am often mentally ready before I’m physically ready.
At least I got to send people photos so they could see how bad it was.  I’ve long said my golden rule for injury is to get pictures first.  If you’re that bad that a couple of seconds could mean life or death your odds are going to be pretty bad anyway, and if you live, you’ll want the bragging rights.  Everyone who has seen the pictures have said how impressively nasty it is.
Craig came round this evening to keep me company.  We’ve been watching Punisher, which everyone has been raving about, but it hasn’t really grabbed us.  We liked Iron Fist (although I could see why the cultural appropriation might bother some people more than it did me) and I really enjoyed Defenders (even if it was short).
Craig also decided he was going to clean my sink and proceeded to rid it of all limescale to leave it sparkling.  Honestly, I was dead impressed.
But a day where the highlight is the fact that your friend cleaned your sink for you, probably goes to show that it’s not a day where a lot happened.  Given I’m awaiting feedback on books 1 and 2 of the Shade Knight this injury probably happened at the least worst time (I’m not going to say best).  I just hope that it heals before things get interesting.
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