Saturday 6th January 2018

It’s been a bit of a hectic day today.
It seems like it’s been ages since I had a free weekend.  There always seems to be some event on, or on call work with the day job, or a tournament or the like.  I have sparring tomorrow but given that it’s in the afternoon I’m still working out if I can make the logistics.
Anyways, this morning I got up early (set my alarm and everything) and went into town to get a haircut.  My hair and beard have been a mess but usually by the time I get into town the local Turkish barbers are packed.  So I went in early before most people would be in town.
I managed to finish the Storm Front audiobook on the way back.  I’m pretty pleased with that.  It means I’ve already finished a book in the first week of January.  Given that Craig is already ready to start Dresden book 3, I suspect my reread of book 2 will be similarly quick.
I got home, shaved my beard so I looked a little less like a hobo and then went round Craig’s to wake him up.  I made him a healthy cooked breakfast and we just chatted and laughed.  Our plan had been to take the dog out for a walk but that went out the window as he needed to get down the gym.
So instead, I headed back to spend the afternoon working on the novel.  I took a break to pop to Morrison’s to pick up Grave Peril and another package, but I managed to get quite a bit of work done.  Whilst I’m not making as much progress with the editing as I would like, I do find editing slower than writing so I think it’s going pretty well.
I need to keep reminding myself that I’m ahead of myself.  Book 2 is feeling pretty solid in terms of a beta draft.  Sure I can see where changes need to be made  (There’s some work to be done on tertiary characters but it’s proving less than I thought).  I’m making notes so that I can make some changes once I complete the edit.
My idea is that this pass is really to identify any major issues.  Whilst I am also doing a bit of a line edit as I read through, my plan is to come up with a document of changes that need to be made before the book goes to Kate to beta read.  I’m looking for major plot inconsistencies,  and specifically, where I can introduce tertiary characters.
It’s a bit of a weird way of working.  I guess I’m really doing a read-through and making notes, whilst also doing some line edits at the same time.
I so need to be better at editing.
Anyways, work done, I went round Craig’s this evening for a fantastic curry and a bit of Supernatural.
I must admit that I’m really liking this mix of social and novel work.  I feel I’m not only making progress on the edits but I’m also getting a bit of a weekend as well.
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