Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Sometimes it’s the little things.
Today was a completely hectic day.  I was back at the day job today and there are reports that need doing, people who are off, meetings that needed dialling into.  I felt quite productive despite the stress and thought I multi-tasked well but I didn’t seem to have a lot of results to show for it.
I also had no food in the house after my hangover yesterday meant I couldn’t drive to the shop, so I had to pop out very early this morning and do a quick shop.  I was also back on the diet fully after the Xmas period, and had an appointment in town this afternoon.
Today was all set to be a crazy, stressful day.  Had I not had the Xmas break I think I would have started feeling stressed by lunctime.
It was only on a whim as I headed back home from town that I sent Craig a text to see if he was coming round tonight to watch Iron Fist.  Turned out he was in town too, so I turned round and headed back to meet him.  He’d been getting his hair cut as well as having a bit of retail therapy.  I met up with him outside the vape shop where he was busy busy a vape which he’s intending to use to help him stop smoking.
He took me to Starbucks and bought me a hot chocolate.  Whilst it’s certainly not the first time I’ve arranged to go for coffee with a friend, the spontaneous nature of this was really welcome.  We mooched around a couple of shops, found we had similar taste in clothes, and then I helped him lug his shopping back on the bus to his house.  Considering that I normally walk to and from town, taking the bus was a bit of an adventure and I think he was amused by my excitement.  As I say, it’s about the adventures, no matter how small.
We had tea whilst he showed me what he’d bought, and he gave me a camo gym shirt that I really liked and he was unsure about.
Then it was back to mine where he ordered us dinner which we ate whilst starting on Iron Fist on Netflix.
In many ways, this was the most mundane day.  Nothing really special happened – unless you count my bus adventure – but it was so nice just to hang out.  In what could have been quite a stressful day due to the amount going on, this just seemed to be such a nice way to start the year, even if it did mean doing my food prep for the office at midnight.
There’s a lot I want to accomplish this year and juggling all the priorities is going to be a struggle, but today was an example, if one was needed, that you can get a lot done and still have a fun and relaxed day.
I really hope this is a sign of the year ahead, because if it is, then 2018 is going to be awesome.
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