Sunday 21st January 2017

I’m still getting aftershocks following last weekend’s anxiety attack.  I was pretty rough going to bed last night and still felt a little anxious this morning.  Random things keep setting it off and I’m not sure why.
I’d already decided that I would go sparring this morning.  It was a long old drive and it seems to be the time of year when the top fencers are taking a break.  But I’ve had my break and whilst I wasn’t as motivated as I have been, it was good to ease myself back in.
I felt I fought well, using my recent stress and frustration to fuel me into doing some really nice moves.
I also think my teaching is having a positive impact on my rapier control.  I did a few nice little feints round my opponent’s dagger and thrust them in the face.
One of the downsides to swordfighting is that you can’t really wear watches in case you take a hit to the wrist.  This makes using my fitbit a problem.  And, I really want to capture that data because for 2 hours I was running around fighting.
I’d read something about people having success putting it round their ankle.  Now my old Fitbit wouldn’t fit round my ankle but I wear some special rugby shin pads to help protect the damaged skin in my calves.  I don’t wear the actual shin pad inserts as I wear leg armour over the top, but it gives me a pocket into which I can put my fitbit.
It kinda worked.  The problem was that my old fitbit wasn’t one of these that just pops out of the strap and as a result it was uncomfortable.  Even worse, the act of doing so finished off the rapidly weakening strap.
But, hey, I captured the data.
Given that I’m in competition with my friend, I could NOT be without a fitbit.  I’d been debating getting a new one yesterday but decided to wait.  However, this forced my hand.  So I stopped on the way home and picked one up.  My friend better not give up this challenge I thought to myself.  But, I reminded myself, if I’m to drop my body fat, I need to monitor everything really carefully as well… so I probably still need one.
My friend came over this evening and we watched Deep Fried Masters on Netflix whilst enjoying a last night of biscuits ahead of our challenge  (look, it made sense to us, right?).  I’ve not seen him in a week so it was good to catch up and have a laugh.
And a couple of good pieces of writing news came through whilst we munched on biscuits and made silly jokes.  First, a friend who I’ve been giving some advice has got a deal and is after some advice on now getting an agent.  Second, there might be an opening in an anthology for me.
So it looks like I could have a busy week writing a short story.  I just need to dig out the original idea and tweak it.  On top of that, I’ve been thinking whilst driving today about a film script I want to write.
It’s probably just as well… the lack of writing things to do has been driving me nuts.
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