Tuesday 30th January 2018

Today I hurt like someone who’d nearly chopped their finger off.  Now the shock has worn off. The hand really, really hurts.
It’s not just the finger though… just trying to stretch my hand results in pain.  So typing hurts it (even if not using the finger), ALT-CTRL-DEL is next to impossible and even holding things is difficult.
I can’t undo jars as I have no strength in my grip and even holding a frying pan or chopping board is agonising.
I was actually sensible and took the day off work today.  Usually I’d relish something like this as a way to get a load of non-day job work done but it’s surprising just how much chopping your finger off stops you wanting to do anything.
The big problem I seem to be having at the moment is grip.  Just trying to pinch my thumb and middle finger together, results in agony in my bad finger.  It feels like a tendon has been damaged.  The net result is that even if I don’t use the bad finger, the rest of my hand has been rendered inoperable by it.
Nursemaid Craig proved himself an awesome friend again by inviting me over for food.  It meant I got out the house this evening.  We’ve been trying to swap out unhealthy snacks for healthier ones so I took a few things round.  Whilst I’ve not gained weight the fact I’ve not massively dropped indicates to me that perhaps I need to give up the snacks altogether, or get more exercise in… which given I doubt I’ll be swordfighting or in the gym properly for a while makes this all the more troublesome.
Still, if there’s one good bit of news it’s that the pre-orders for the next World of Warcraft expansion have started.  And with it comes 4 new allied races.  Now, given that I have 7 or more level 110s, I probably don’t need any more characters… but it gives me something to do the next couple of weeks if friends are not able to hang out.  I would continue to glue my Shadows of Brimstone models if it weren’t for the fact that a large bandaged thumbs makes it next to impossible to do anything fiddly.
So I came back home late and set about doing the quests to unlock the races.  I’ve done the unlock requirements for Horde (still have some Rep grind for alliance) so I can create new characters from tomorrow.
However, I’m planning to return to work tomorrow.  I’m still not sure how I’m going to use a laptop with one hand.  The thought of doing CTRL-ALT-DEL given how my left hand won’t allow me  to move it very much frightens me.  But the hospital did think it would heal very quickly.
I hope so, although to be honest I wouldn’t complain about having a couple of days off work.  And that’s not just so I can play World of Warcraft.
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