Thursday 1st February 2018

I went back to work too early.  I’ve never been one for being off ill and so I’ll drag myself back to work as soon as possible.  But my hand really wasn’t feeling up to a day of use.
Over the last day or so I’ve typed a little, I’ve played a few games and so I thought that there was no difference between that and doing a day’s work.  But I was wrong.
I can do a 20 minutes blog post and feel fine, simply because I can then stop and not use the hand for an hour or two if needed.  Likewise, playing games, my hand is pretty static, only moving slightly to press keys.
But after about an hour in the day job, my hand really, really ached and I wished I’d spent the time convalescing.
Oh well, you live and learn.
I had some welcome distractions.  A friend of mine finally got broadband again and so has started playing EVE Online after wanting to do so for months.  I said I’d join them.
I’ve tried playing EVE before and I’ve always thought that theoretically it’s a perfect game for a writer.  Everything seems so slow in EVE that it’s a game you seem to be able to run in the background.  I could always imagine me doing a long shipping trip and just having it on the second screen whilst I wrote.  If anything happened on the journey it would be no more than a disruption than someone knocking on the door.
But I do find the game very dry.  I much prefer the story driven content of Warcraft and even re-doing zones for the umpteenth time with my new Highmountain Tauren seems more appealing than aspects of EVE.
Yet, playing something a bit different with a friend is fun in itself, and so I dived into EVE today, picking up where I left off and finding out I’d not got very far into it.  I went round their house tonight for a meal and to watch them play.  Given how much Twitch I watch at times, watching someone play isn’t that odd a thing to me.
Besides, it finally feels like things are starting to move on the book front.  Kate’s been super busy but said she’s about to start reading book 2.  I’m equal parts nervous  and excited to see what she thinks of it.  I feel like there’s already a little bit of distance between me and the book (although not enough to be completely impartial) and I still worry if it’s too dark.  I remember thinking that before and finding when I edited it that it wasn’t.    Hopefully in the next week or two I should get a better idea of book 2’s triumphs and flaws.
Just as well, because I could be hearing back about book 1 as well.  I followed up with my agent and she said that she’s going to get back to me in the next few weeks.
Which means:  this month I should get feedback on two books from the same series.
That’s publishing for you.  Nothing happens and then everything happens at once!
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