Thursday 4th January 2018

As I’ve previously said, I end up buying a load of boardgames on kickstarter.   They are amazing value for money but I do end up going all in, which means I really should be playing them some more.
Currently, the only time I get to play is when my friends come down for the annual games day each December.  They all joke that the games aren’t good value due to the fact that I only ever play the base game once.
But that’s starting to change now.  After Craig and I played Shadows of Brimstone on New Year’s Eve, tonight it was the turn of Kate to venture in search of darkstone.
It had been quite a stressful day.  Whilst the first week back should be fairly quiet, there’s a new security vulnerability that’s made the news.  In my day job, this always results in a panic.  Someone senior reads the headline, panics and then gets everyone in the company to run around like headless chickens.
I try to get out ahead of these things.  If something makes the news, or I know it is likely to, then I’ll do a bit of research first.  I try to understand what it really means, step past the panic and look at the realities.  It’s not my job, but I’m increasingly thinking it should be.
I attended a conference call with Microsoft which gave me a lot of info, just as things were starting to kick off.  As a result, I was able to give some rational information and advice internally.  This then got circulated, which is both good and bad.  Good, in that I’ve made a positive impact in my company, but bad in that everyone then invites me to meetings.  I suspect that the next few days are going to be hectic as a result, especially as my boss is off.
And given that I was stressing about tonight’s gaming session, stressing about the day job wasn’t really needed.  But I somehow managed to get everything ready this evening.
It had originally been intended to be Craig and Kate but Craig had something come up which just left him wiped.  So it was just Kate and I that ventured into the mines of Brimstone.
I’ve played the game loads but it’s often been quite slow as the combat consists of a lot of hit and defense rolls.  As a result, I’ve found myself often stopping the game to check the rules, but the two sessions I’ve had over the last week have seemed a lot more fluid.
Of course, there’s always something that needs referring to the rule book.  Tonight it was lava squares.  We freeformed our adventure a little so it fitted the evening.  As a result what should have just been us searching and clearing a mine, resulted in us going through a portal and ending up in the fire world.
I think Kate enjoyed it, and we got chance to also have turkey burgers and talk about the Dresden Files.  Craig has just started reading the books and has been talking about them to me.  I’ve completely forgotten what happens in what book, and as a result – paranoid I’m going to give away spoilers – I’ve started a re-read.  I have theories which I shared with Kate (who has a much better memory for the books than I do).  She didn’t think they were wrong.
Hopefully, we’ll have further Brimstone sessions this year if I can get Kate and Craig in the same room.
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