13th April 2014
Today I went Geocaching with Westie.  I needed around 110.  The idea is to make  my 13,000th my first US cache.  Dad and Rob dropped out because they were worried about the miles but in the end we didn’t need to do the second circuit.
Because I had no time to do my usual level of planning (which can take a couple of days), I instead just picked a large series knowing I wouldn’t have to research whether there was access between caches, etc.  We went up to Corby which was a bit of a journey, but it’s on the edge of the Peterborough rings and so I knew there’d be a load of extra caches to pick up.
Weather was great, so great that I got sunburnt.  Also managed to do a bit of secret filming as well along the way.
I still have a handful to pick up but I can do those over the week.  So that’s one panic over, my 13,000th cache will be my first US cache.  As to which one it will be, it dependes whether I get time to pick up a virtual inbetween my flights at Atlanta