Had the beginning of the week not happened I might be starting to feel a little frustrated.  After such a big system, the weather is taking time to reset and so we’ve been treated to some wonderful blue skies.
But I’m still loving the trip.  Some members of our group can’t handle the miles on the road (we’ve done over 3000 already) but just hanging out, seeing the world pass by and cracking shit jokes with your fellow travellers is an awesome way to spend time in my opinion.
Yesterday was a bit more chilled day as we stayed in Norman and went to see TVN HQ, the National Weather Service and then went up to Wikita, OK to see the twister museum.
Wikita is a small rural town, off the beaten track and the sort of place that passes by in a blink of an eye if you just happened to drive through it.  But it was a location of the movie Twister.  You’d think that in this part of the world, people would be nervous about celebrating tornadoes but the town has embraced it’s movie heritage and  opened the twister museum with pieces of the set dressing used in the movie.  As a result they welcome storm chasers and happily talk about the tornadoes that passed close by.  So welcoming and such nice people, and I’m really glad that a community with very little has built this unique thing about themselves and celebrate it.  Well worth a visit if you ever go to Oklahoma.
Today, day 7, I think we are going to see wild bison, but as I’ve learnt plans change often.  I’m happy to just go with the flow.  We lose some of our group today as they go home after 7 days, the rest of us soldier on for 3 more days.  Fingers crossed for Tuesday storms.