The trouble with such a big system blowing through at the beginning of the week is that it takes a while for things to cook back up.  That’s been OK as we’ve been heading back to Oklahoma these past few days.  We’ve already driven over 3000 miles this week and not really had time to stop… which is cool because we’re a hardcore group and complain when we don’t get to spend the night in the van in torrential rain and some of the worst lightning our guides have ever seen . Lol
Mood in the van is still chilled.  Travelling with a great group and we’re having a laugh.  It’s interesting trying to judge the mood each day and tailor your level of humour and silliness to it.  We went out for drinks with the creator of the Dominator’s last night and he had a great phrase “be like water”.  Trying to force the energy up in the van would just result in me being even more annoying than normal, trying to edge it up feels like a subtle art.  I expect some storms will fire us up again.
It’s also seeing all the usual debates online have taken on a slightly different perspective now I’ve been hundreds of feet from a deadly tornado.  My mantra has always been “Go Have An Adventure” whether that be big or small.  I do think that some people need to stop being so passive and get offline and go do something rather than just sit online and moan, moan, moan.  I suspect this view will get me in trouble down the line.
There’s a chance of some storms in Kansas this weekend, but nothing too bad from what I hear.  Tuesday is looking possible for severe weather.