I’ve been running a lot in recent months.  It originally started as something to progress onto after building the leg up to walk again.  But for a good number of months the pure motivation has been to be fit enough to chase.
I’m really proud of myself.  When I started I could hardly run the distance between two lampposts but now I comfortably do just under 3 miles.  And after losing fitness due to leg damage I have been running every day since (apart from caching or school of the sword days)
I’m still ridiculously slow but I don’t care.  I just think of how I need to be fit to pull off one of my bucket list items and that spurs me on.
But my body is feeling a little knackered so I took the day off today.  As long as I get three runs in a week I’m OK.  Wondering what I will do when I am on the road.  My first hotel does have a gym so I’ll be doing a run there each day, but once on the open road, eating gas station food, I have no idea how I’ll keep fit.  Maybe running away from a F5