6th April 2014
So my wrist strap for the GoPro arrived yesterday but it needs the tripod mount to affix it because it has the wrong connector.  Never buy GoPro accessories from China.
Also never buy a tripod mount from Currys.  That’s if you can find one because if their website says they have stock, you’ll turn up to have them search and be unable to find it.
I did go to Go Outdoors today, partly so I could do some more video for the announcement.  Gave me chance to use the Car Mount (only inside, too scared to try outside) to record a few more scenes for the announcement video.
I also got a few pairs of trousers for the trip (and was secretly pleased how many sizes I’ve gone down in the last couple of months)
I spent the evening putting together the adventure video.  I quite like it, even if I think the quality could be better.  Never mind, it has the impact I need.