5th April 2014
You would think that a hotel would be a priority when it came to going away but it’s actually been pretty low down the list.  The hotels during the chase are taken care of, so I only need to sort myself for the week geocaching before.  And because I want to cache all over Oklahoma, I want to try and avoid a 3 hour drive before starting my day’s caching.
Trouble is, I have no idea how long this will take me.  I’ve been told that The Bigfoot Walks series is a 3 dayer, but no idea if I’ll be caching on my own or not.
So I’ve booked for 3 days in Oklahoma City with a view that I can then book further dates whilst out there based on my progress and desired location.
I also booked the car, and hopefully I’ve picked on that can handle the red dirt roads out there.  If not I could sort my own accommodation problem by having to sleep in my car.
I’ve also started working on the preview videos.  The idea is to release these as a bit of a tease between Easter and the chase.  Experimented with a time-lapse video of my run.  Was also a good way to test the data card in the GoPro.  Both worked fine and the video is pretty much done.
Finished off the day watching Twister and wondering if I could get some sound grabs and use those in my previews.