1st April 2014
This month I fly to the US
This month I get my first cache outside the UK
This month I will be chasing.
And still, nobody knows!
This is beyond exciting.
TVN have sent through a new bonus TV episode on Tornado science which I have watched and could mostly understand.
What really surprises me throughout this journey is how little we know about tornadoes.  You’d think in this age of science we’d know more than we actually do.  This is why storm spotters play a vital role in the science.
I suppose it comes as no surprise that as I look at how some things are done Ican think of ways they could possibly be done better.  For example, the tracking and retrieval of science probes is problematic.  I might have very little idea when it comes to deployment, but I do know a thing or two about finding something in the woods with a GPS.  I think it’s this eclectic mix of skills that chasers bring to the table that really helps drive the science forward.