31st March 2014
I’m officially a storm spotter.  Today I received my certificate.  I am geekily excited about this but cannot tell anyone!
I have my advanced course tomorrow night but amusingly, this may be cancelled due to bad weather.  A  multi-day storm front is coming in and it may mean the guys at the National Weather Service are busy with alerts and the like.
Today was the day before the day, but time I got home from sword fighting, most of the storms had died.  Also, the area for today’s Tornadoes (near Minneapolis) was a data black hole and the stream kept dieing out.
Kept myself entertained by looking at the caches in Minneapolis and trying to work out if any of them were doable in my several hour layover in the city on the way home.
The National Weather Service also sent a ton of links to extra training material.  I started watching a video on the cause of the El Reno tornado and it had some really interesting things about the formation of torandos.  But it was 40 minutes long and it was already gone midnight so I’m saving that one for tomorrow.