You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot less lately. This isn’t intentional. I’ve just had the most crazy couple of weeks and blog updates got sacrificed to the gods of time. I promise to blog more next week as I have a lot of big posts lined up.
But as crazy as my week was, I did manage to get away to go up to London for the High Fantasy Event organised by Fantasy Faction, featuring three great fantasy authors.

Joe Abercrombie needs no introduction. One of the UK’s leading fantasy writers his books are gritty and fun. As we were discussing afterwards, The Blade Itself has some fantastic characterisation, and whilst I’ve not read all his books, he has gone from strength to strength.
Peter V Brett is an American writer best known for The Painted Man (Or The Warded Man). It’s a book about a world where demons come out at night and people cower in their homes protected by special wards. I really enjoyed it and it has a really strong opening.
Myke Cole is another American author, writer of Control Point, a story of G.I. Joe meets X-Men. I’ve not read it yet (it’s just come out over here) but I can honestly say that when I first read the blurb (possibly a year ago) it was added to the Must-Read Wishlist. Now if only I could get a couple of weeks of just reading I might finally get to this one.
All three authors were on good form. I always say that you get your money’s worth with Abercrombie, he’s always entertaining. Brett and Cole were equally insightful and funny and I think anyone who made the trip thought it was worthwhile despite the number of people there and the city heat.
Well done to the Fantasy Faction team and Blackwell’s for putting on a great night.
I never got to chat to half the people I wanted to. Thank you to the Pornokitsch and Orbit teams for letting me tag along to the diner afterwards – great food, great company, great chat, world’s smallest seats!