Don’t let anyone tell you that writing isn’t hard. There are times when words come like treacle when just the mere act of taking what is in your head and conveying it on the page is tantamount to trying to row upstream. You know what you want to write and it… isn’t… this!
And then there are days – rare days – like today that whilst the words aren’t perfect they flow like a violent river; where you are unable to keep up, every little typo in danger of breaking the spell as words and ideas gush onto the page.
And best of all, whereas most days the act of writing is a painful one – something that must be tolerated and endured – today it is enjoyed. Tomorrow, you’ll look at it again and see all the flaws, see all the work that needs to be done, return to self-loathing; but tonight? Tonight, you ride the rapids, whooping at every thrill, and feeling very much alive.