It’s fair to say that this year has been a terrible caching year for me. It seems like there have been a long procession of issues which have stopped me caching.
We have a saying in geocaching circles: “it’s not about the numbers”. That’s mostly true, but for some it is about the numbers. Everyone finds their own challenge: for some it’s finding a well hidden cache, or one in an extreme location, or being able to walk a certain number of miles. And for some there’s no challenge at all, just a hobby to dip into on a sunny afternoon.

Everyone plays the game their own way and just because you play one way over the other doesn’t make you a better cacher (something some of the numbers cachers tend to forget). However, it would be wrong to say that there is no status attached to cachers with a high number of finds, it’s just a lot of people forget it doesn’t really mean anything.
I’ll hold my hands up and say I am a numbers cacher. No matter how nice a day, there’s something more fulfilling about doing 100 caches in a day rather than 80, 80 rather than 60, and so on. As a fat person, there is an evil side of me that delights in being able to do more in a day than others. I wasn’t built for speed, but stamina? I have one speed, but I can keep at that speed for ever (Well the record for a day is 32 miles).
But this year: moving, new job, on call rotas, injury and a host of other things have really stopped me doing some serious numbers. I decided very early on this year that it would not be a numbers year, that I will slip down the UK and world rankings as other things in my life take priority. There’s always next year, and I really don’t need the stats my ranking brings to validate my self-worth like some do.
But my 10,000th find is looming and as you can imagine this is a massive milestone. I generally don’t do anything special for milestone caches. I find it just slows you down. But for my 10k, I want to do something special. Given how few I’m finding currently due to the bad back it really doesn’t matter if I slow down.
And so a plan is being hatched and it’s suitably epic. It’ll take some careful planning but with less than 100 caches until I hit this milestone it’s do-able