With the day job meaning I was on call and a bad back stopping me doing any really serious Geocaching, this weekend seemed to be a good weekend to make progress on two of my writing projects.
Project Llama is an unusual beast in that word count can be deceiving. Still in the absence of a better metric, I managed to do a good 5000 words on the project over the weekend. It’s becoming much larger than I originally envisaged, but it’s a lot of fun. I reckon I’m only a third of the way through although there may be other factors than mean the other two acts don’t have such large a word count.
Project Juggernaut is really just being written for shits and giggles. I wrote something to see whether it worked, really liked it and have just basically carried on with it. It’s a perfect project to dip into, and again a lot of fun. I surprised myself when I found out that over the course of the weekend I’d written over 3000 words on this.
I still managed to find time to watch TV, do some reading, get some geocaching done and go to the cinema. I certainly didn’t feel like I was writing all the time despite managing to write over 8000 words. I wish every weekend was like this.