Chilling With Warcraft – The Climb #180

Thursday 20th July 2017 Today has been a day of trying to chill and get myself into the mood for my upcoming tournament.  Given the way the world rankings have come along in the last year, Astolat now qualifies more than Fightcamp for the title of the UK’s national tournament.  Not that there’s an official [...]

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Pre-Tournament Sparring – The Climb #176

Sunday 16th July 2017 Today was my second consecutive day of swordfighting and my last weekend before the Astolat tournament.  In a week's time I will know whether all those months of training will have paid off. They usually say that you fight terribly the week before a tournament.  It’s almost become a swordfighting superstition.  [...]

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The Man With Montante – The Climb #175

Saturday 15th July 2017 Today has been a swordfighting day with a seminar on the use of the Montante taking up the best part of the day. I woke up feeling very relaxed.  After writing The Climb last night I went up to bed and read.  I’ve started on The Republic of Thieves.  I’m a [...]

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The Jittery Tank – The Climb #174

Friday 14th July 2017 I’ve felt very unfocused today.  I suspect that it’s pre-tournament nerves starting.  This weekend I’m swordfighting all weekend and then next weekend is the Astolat tournament. I can feel myself getting jittery over the fact that I’m fighting all weekend.  It’s almost as if I’m annoyed that I don’t have time [...]

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The Worst Fencer Ever – The Climb #169

Sunday 9th July 2017 I fenced like crap today. I’d been tempted not to go, given my mood the last couple of days, but then I decided that in doing that, I’d just be defeating myself.  And so, despite my head being elsewhere, I went. I guess I fenced just about as well as I [...]

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Stuck Indoors – The Climb #168

Saturday 8th July 2017 I’ve been in a bit of a bad mood today. Aside from everything else that’s been going on over the last few days, I’ve been in a bit annoyed.  You see, it’s summer outside… the weather is fantastic.  I should be going to the beach and eating ice cream, especially given [...]

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Crossing Into Enemy Territory – The Climb #167

Friday 7th July 2017 I continued to keep away from people today.  Following Wednesday night’s panic attack, I’ve seen my low turn into anger.  Mainly because it could have been avoided.  I’ve got a pretty thick skin and people can be pretty blunt around me, but having a go at me when I’m in an [...]

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Sucstress – The Climb #160

Friday 30th June 2017 I made up a word today. My friend (and author) Emma Newman was talking about that welcome stress you get when you’re doing something awesome but it’s still outside your comfort zone.  She was sure there’d be some German word for it, but I suggested we make one up. Sucstress I [...]

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The Least Interesting Person In The World – The Climb #154

Saturday 24th June 2017 Today has been a lot of hard work.  I’ve not even had chance to step outside the house I’ve been that busy. Days like this aren’t fun.  I mean, don’t think I won’t be grateful down the road for the work I put in today.  It’s an investment in the future.  [...]

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Making Some Hard Choices – The Climb #141

Sunday 11th June 2017 Editing is simultaneously both fun and incredibly hard.  Mentally, I’m deep into the line edits although in terms of number of chapters I’m still very near the beginning and I’m finding some of the changes really challenging. It’s not because they are difficult, per say, it’s just that they are making [...]

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