August 2016 Update

Blogging just seems to be one of those things that has got away from me this year.  Whilst I’ve sometimes taken the lazy man’s option of posting an image to Instagram, I’ve not been as good as I was last year with monthly updates.  Ironically, it’s because I’ve been so busy that I’ve not been [...]

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Where Did November Go?

Gosh, has it really been that long since my last blog post? November is always a busy month for me.  First, there’s NaNoWriMo which I make a point of doing each year even if my participation is just limited to further work on whatever book I’m currently writing.  Then every couple of years there seems [...]

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Games & Depression

I think I originally posted about this video a month or so ago on Twitter. All too often we hear about the negative impact of videogames, of how they are responsible for society’s ills, so coming across this mini-documentary on how videogames have helped people with depression is actually surprisingly heartwarming. Probably just about the [...]

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Book promotion is a busy time. It feels like since September I’ve been working my way through a list of things that needed to have been done yesterday, culminating in a couple of months of solid interviews, guest blogs and reviews. It’s been hectic but a lot of fun. There’s still plenty of things ongoing: [...]

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My Videogames Holiday

I have recently returned from two weeks holiday from the day job. When asked whether I went anywhere, I replied that “No, I had just stayed home and played games.” “Oh, so you didn’t do anything then?” they say. This annoys me slightly. Just because I was playing videogames, doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything. [...]

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