We writers tend to be quite protective of our work, whether it’s our current manuscript in progress, or our pipeline of work, so I’ll admit that this is the video I’ve been most nervous about sharing.  Why?  Because it’s my actual workflow.  It’s how I balance out all my work.  It shows that I have tasks overdue, trackers I’ve not yet fully built.  I’m far from perfect when it comes to productivity, unlike just about every other “youtuber” in the space.

BUT, I’d be lost without my systems.  They allow me to work on a huge number of projects.  They allow me to be productive.  Surely there’s no better advertisement than that.

If you’re a writer and have wondered why you would ever need something as advanced as a “system”, take a look and see whether doing something similar would help your own workflows.  This isn’t intended to tell you what you should build, but to honestly show you mine, what I do with it and why it’s helpful.  I hope it will open a few writers eyes as to what is possible and the opportunity to be organised as a writer.