Sunday 12th February 2017

Today I went and did a little sparring with friends.
I think today showed me how much of an odd week this has been.  Unlike last week when my focus was laser sharp and I fenced probably the best I ever have, this week my mind wandered and as a result my bladework was sloppy and I wasn’t being offensive enough.  Still, as I told everyone, I’d rather be shit this week than last.
Being ill last night probably didn’t help either.  I felt a bit drained this morning and I’m sure this impacted my mental energy levels.
Oh well, you can’t be brilliant EVERY week. 😉
Sometimes it happens – even in writing – you just have a crap day and no matter how hard you try, you’re just not in the mood.  The real trick is to be able to differentiate between this and good ol’ procrastination.  It’s probably why, when it comes to writing, when I have days like this, I just try and do 500 words, knowing they’ll be bad.  As for my swordfighting,   I played around with stance today.  I relaise I fight with my feet very far apart, which means that I’m, in effect, limiting my range of movement.  So I’m going to try and fence with them a little closer.
We went to the pub for lunch but it was full.  So as the service there is normally really quick, we chose to eat outside.  Except they screwed up the order and 2 people were left waiting forever for food.  In the meantime, the temperature plummeted so low I could blow smoke out my mouth.  If I get a cold in 2 days then I know where it happened.
Popped in to see my folks on the way back home as it was their anniversary.  It was just a flying visit and I was cursing as I’d bought my mum Sarah Pinborough’s new book to read, only to leave it at home.
Came back and did some social media work.  I’m starting to get the hang of Hootsuite.  It’s amazing how many interesting things I forget to post because I don’t want things to get lost in a rush of twitter posts.  At least this way I can space them out and then engage properly if anyone comments on them.
I think those around me are starting to get used to the fact that I selfie a lot more.   With all my various skin conditions, I’m incredibly self-conscious about the way I look.  I don’t think I’ll ever go swimming again because of how wrecked my legs are from post-leggedon circulation issues.  So it’s a daily challenge.  I still find taking selfies a bit embarrassing to be honest but I’m slowly getting more comfortable.  It’s a little easier when you tell yourself it’s for a reason.  Plus, after the weight loss and return of muscle I’m feeling a lot more body confident which certainly helps.
Watched the Terry Pratchett documentary which I enjoyed and left me with feels, as well as Taboo, which I’m loving the aesthetics of and suspect will influence some locations in this book or the next.
I did a bit of work of the scene I’m working on and how it leads into the next.  Emotionally, I think I’ve hit the tone right but it’s not flowing into the next scene and I’ve not been able to establish why, just yet.  Something to think about on Monday.
I’m glad to see the back of the last week.  Whilst I don’t think I’ve been negative, it’s been a struggle to be positive.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is just let it all out your system and then move on.   I did manage to get about 10,000 words done, which whilst not my best week is progress.
My plan for next week is to attack it with vigour and a bit more positivity. I’ve got a bunch of synopsises I need to send out to writer friends and then get to my agent… because it’s not like I don’t already have enough work on my plate!  But, unfortunately, books don’t write themselves and take a lot of work.
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