Saturday 11th February 2017

I obviously wasn’t lying when I said I was emotional exhausted.
Admittedly I went to bed in the small hours but I never got up until gone 1pm.  I’ve never been one of laying in.  I’d much rather get up and do things.  But I do listen to my body and today it just didn’t want to get up.  So I lay in bed and thought of the next scene I’m going to write.  It wasn’t even a conscious decision, just where my head wandered.
As a result, by the time I’d got up, posted The Climb, posted to Instagram and done a bunch of other admin it was gone 4pm.  But rather than take it easy I went to the gym.
Given that I’m doing a lot of teaching right now, I’m not getting as much exercise as I did so I’m trying to compensate with a cardio workout once a week.  I’m not perfect at keeping to it, but I’ve managed it the last couple of weeks (even if the motivation is to get out the house so that the picture for that day’s The Climb isn’t the inside of my house yet again).
I came away feeling very pleased with myself.  I did my first continuous 5km on the treadmill.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever done the distance before but I’ve never done it without a break.  I took it pretty slowly just to ensure I’d make it to the end, but when I finally hit the end I’d not even got out of breath.   I’m very pleased with myself and when I compare my fitness now to that of a year ago, the progress is obvious.
So rather than call it quits I went on the Cross-Trainer and racked up a new personal best for burst speed (135 rpm).  Pretty pleased with that as well given that a year ago, I was struggling bursting much beyond 60rpm.  By this point I was feeling a bit knackered so I finished off with a leisurely 1km on the rowing machine and headed home.
As I skipped lunch I had a big dinner.  However, something set my stomach off.  Given that a year ago I would suffer internal bleeding, even this is an improvement.  I realised that I’d somehow missed the last episode of Taboo but due to my stomach it took me twice as long to watch it.
With time running out on me, I still managed to get some 2000 words done on the new scene.  I think the character needs a bit of work (and I’m going to do the rare thing and steal a mannerism off a friend to really bring them to life – no, I’m not saying who).
All-in-all, it’s not been a bad day, considering I only had half of it.  Weekends just go far too fast!
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