As promised to those who attended my storm chasing talk at Eastercon Weekend, I said I would post a list of resources for those interested in finding out more.
First though, thank you to everyone who attended.  It was great to have a full house.  Everyone seemed to be suitably entertained and informed.  Special thanks to Cameron and Ruth for taking some pictures for me!
I’m shattered from a hectic weekend at Eastercon so I’ll save my weekend for later in the week, but in the meantime, here’s a list of those resources!

Tour Companies
There are a large number of companies out there and you’ll be looking at similar prices for all of them (around $2500 for a 7 day tour, $3500 for a 10 day).  Spend time and do your research to find a company that suits you.  Most will already be booked up for the 2015 season but I’ll post a more detailed post on this in the coming weeks.
That said, I personally recommend either of these two companies.  I’ve either chased with them or people employed by them
Extreme Tornado Tours  ( – This is the company I chase with.  I went with them not only because they are linked to the Dominator teams (and so you’ll probably get time to meet up with them and see the Dominators for yourself) but my research showed me that people had a good time with this company.
Twisted Sky Tours ( – This is a new company set up by my friend, Shanda Hinnant who was one of my tour guides with ETT.  Shanda knows her stuff and is an excellent guide so I have no hesitation about recommending her.
Live Virtual Storm Chasing
If you can’t afford to go Storm Chasing then this is the next best thing.  When storms are firing, this site will show you the location of storm chasers and allow you to watch live streaming video.  I’ve often seen tornadoes live on these streams.
Obviously, you’ll only see chasers appear online when there’s a storm going on, and because they rely on mobile data coverage to stream video, streams can drop on and off depending where they are.
If you are UK based, you’ll find most will start streaming around 10pm on stormy days and go on into the early hours of the next day.  Again, this is dictated by the weather which normally takes until late afternoon in the US for thunderstorms to initiate.
You can also get a mobile app for most platforms which will not only allow you to virtually storm chase on your mobile but can send you a notification when chasers pop up online
I spend a lot of time on this site during storm season.
Tornado Chasers Documentary Season
Also from TVN is this fantastic series.  If you loved Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers then you’ll be in for a treat as this is so much better.
I think the 2013 season has some of the best tornado footage I’ve ever seen .  I rewatch these episodes all the time!
For $24, DRM-free, it’s worth the money!
UK Research
TORRO (Tornado and Storm Research Organisation)
TORRO is the society for people interested in learning more about the science of tornadoes.  Members get a journal every couple of months as well as an invite to a free conference held every 6 months in Oxford where talks showcase some of the latest research going on.
If you want to know about the science of understanding tornadoes, this the place to start.
Severe Weather Forecasting by Tim Vasquez is THE text book for everyone wanting to learn how to forecast severe weather.  If you want to understand hodographs and GFS and learn how to forecast yourself, this is the textbook everyone recommends.
It’s an academic book and as a result will set you back about £40
Storm Chasing Book
If you would like to know more about the life of storm chasers then you could do a lot worse than buy Reed Timmer’s book, Into The Storm.  It’s a fun easy read, heavier on annecdotes than science, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Live Radar
Radarscope ( – If you want to look at live Doppler radar, then Radarscope is the tool for you.  It has a Mac and iPhone version (no Windows) and is what professionals use in the field to get their weather data.
It’s often fun to use in conjunction with the Virtual Storm Chasing so you can see what data they are looking at.
Hopefully, whatever your interest in storms, some of these resources might prove of use to you.  I’ll have a blog post on choosing a tour company in the next few weeks, and will be chasing myself May 14th – 23rd
But also keep an eye on the news!  Latest I’m hearing seems to indicate the first big outbreak of the year may happen this week (Wednesday or Thursday!)