As I have previously mentioned, 2015 is my year of Hard Work.  I have a lot I want to accomplish so the plan for the year is to knuckle down and get them done.
So how did I do in January?

Much better than I thought.  Much, much better than I thought.
This year isn’t about word count, although writing lots is part of the plan and so I want to write at a rate that I feel I can maintain without the quality dipping.  It’s also about pushing me to see just how well I can juggle multiple projects.
The first big takeaway for this month is the fact that I’ve written 95,000 words.  I’ve not been overdoing it, writing smarter rather than for longer.
Thieving King
The vast majority of that time went into Thieving King.  The novel not only got over 60,000 words added but the draft got completed on the last day of the month.  I’m usually useless at hitting my own internal deadlines (although I never normally have a problem when they are set externally by someone else).
It was a tough write in places, but I kept pushing myself forward, plotting out the details for each chapter before I set about writing it.  I’ll now leave that for a month or two before I start editing so I can return to it afresh.
I’ve written 6 articles this month, a couple each for Fantasy-Faction and GPSTracklog and a couple of extras as well, one of which has yet to be published.  That’s 6 articles not only written but edited, submitted and accepted as well.  I can pretty easily rattle these off once I get started, the only major stumbling block being deciding what I’m going to write about.
In comparison to the rest of the month this amounts to a total hardly worth mentioning but I’m proud of being able to juggle all these and still not lose progress on the novel.
Project Tornado
This is a little side non-fiction project for myself.  I’ve written around 25,000 words on it this month and edited about half of it.  Not only has it involved writing but some editing as well as business, contracts and marketing stuff as well.  It’s a bit of an experiment for me and it could easily all fall flat but this has kept me very busy.
Because a lot of this is new territory for me, I find I’m procrastinating a lot rather than getting on with it.  As a result, whilst I’ve made a lot of progress, I’m behind where I want to be.  I think once it gets going in early February things should move a little faster.
I’ve not really had a lot of time to blog this past month.  Sure I’ve put up links to the various articles I’ve had published, but I’ve not found the time to do some of the longer in-depth blogs I have planned.  This is especially annoying as they are not time sensitive and I could write and schedule them well in advance.
Project Mylar
This is a proposal for a publishing company and has taken a bit of time.  Like Project Tornado, I wanted to have it done and out the door by 1st February.  It’s 90% done and probably only needs a few hours more work so this should go out the first week of February.
It may lead to further work or it might come to nothing.  Such is the way in publishing.
Project 4S
This is the next book I’m writing.  I’ve spent the last month planning it out and doing research.  I’d ideally like some breathing space between finishing Thieving King and starting 4S but I find that I really drop off pace when that happens so I’m probably going to start the early chapters without having some of the later ones locked down.
Had the Mylar opportunity not come around or I’d not wasted quite so much time on Project Tornado I might be in a better position to start writing it.
I’m hoping this will be a quick, fun write that’ll have a completed draft by Eastercon.  We’ll see
I want to try my hands at a few more short stories this year.  There’s several reasons for this.  I know I can be working on several non-fiction projects at the same time without any impact to quality but I’d like to master the art for fiction.  I think it’ll be a bit tricky but I don’t think it’s impossible.
My other reason is that it really bugs me that I am the one hit wonder on short fiction.  I want to knock a lot of shorts out this year, make a lot of mistakes, with a view that come next year I can knock out quality short stories like I can articles.
I’m trialling a new process for shorts but things like procrastinating on Project Tornado and work on Project Mylar has meant that this is the first thing that gets bumped.  I’ve got a piece I want to write for an anthology in February so I hope to get this part starting to move in the next month.
Plans for February
The big push for February is to get a sizable chunk of 4S done.  I want this to be a fast draft so the major emphasis for the month will be on this.
I want the proposal for Project Mylar out the door in the next week.  If it’s successful there may be some follow-on work to schedule but that might not happen until March or beyond.
Project Tornado should start to see progress very early in February as well.  Most of that won’t be word count though and so I am both worried that the first week of February will be word count light.  I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter as the focus is on getting things done, not a huge word count.  However, I do want to find some way to capture my editing time so I can measure my productivity.  This year is, after all, about working smart as well as hard.
I have at least one short I want to write, possibly two if I find the time.
Whilst the day job should start to quieten down after the first week of February I want to get the Geocaching back up and going again and I suspect my Sunday progress will start to take a hit as a result.
We’ll see though.  February is going to be the test of whether I pushed myself too hard in January or not.  I’ve got plenty to be getting on with and I really need to make sure a few of January’s tasks are complete before I start worrying about word counts in February.