It’s done!
Well, done in the sense that I probably need to rewrite large sections of it and then edit it to within an inch of its life.  But I have a completed draft of The Thieving King as of the weekend.
Needless to say that this has been my bastard book.  It’s pushed me harder than anything I’ve ever written and I could write essays on the trials this book gave me.  But I’ll save those until nearer publication as I’m sure editing will throw up some trials of its own.
That said, I’m happy with it.  In this book, we pick up where The Four Realms left off and continue Maureen, Darwin and Cassidy’s adventures.  We’ve got demon gangsters, a rogue wizard, a ninja dwarf, zeppelins, trains, spaceships, a truly epic magic battle and much more.  Oh, and Mr West is back!
Editing on Thieving King will start in a month or two, when I’ve had time to forget about it and look at it afresh.  I’m already 5000 words into the next book, a project that I’m calling 4s and very few people know anything about.  I suspect these early chapters are exploratory words and the plot needs a little more tightening up before I can really go for it, but this book is a little different to others I’ve written in many respects.