15th April 2014
I’ve lost my glasses.  I had them when I went into the office at the end of last week but despite popping in today there’s no sign of them.  Gah!  I don’t want to take my spares.  It’s little things like this that at the last stages of planning really, really irritate me.
Caching plans are also looking like they could be disrupted.  There’s chances of thunderstorms in Oklahoma City at the weekend and seeing as a lot of the caches I want to do are on dirt roads and they are talking possible severe storms and 6” of rain I’m getting a little nervous.
There’s part of me that’s annoyed, as if I don’t get 2000 caches whilst away I’ll be annoyed.  Then I remember the reason I am going to Oklahoma is because I WANT bad weather.  However, I’ll admit just the idea that I could possibly be in a tornado warned area this weekend is starting to make me a little nervous.  People talk all big but I suspect when there in front of a tornado it’s really a telling time of who has balls of steel and who’s a mouse.
I suspect I might be a mouse.