So after a hectic couple of days, things have been a bit quieter.  The storm system is causing havoc up the east coast but we’re heading to Kansas for the weekend.
After stopping at our hotel in Florida for two hours, we’ve made our way along the Gulf coast so that we stopped in Biloxi, MS last night and then have arrived in Austin, Texas tonight.  Yesterday was a tired day, today has been a chilled day.  But everyone is still buzzing from Monday night.  We’d still like to see a tornado in the daylight but our nighttime Dixie Alley intercept  (Hey, I call anything less than the recommended 3 miles an intercept!) is something to be really proud of.
I want to take the emotion of this trip, package it up and save for those rare days I’m down.  This adventure has been even more epic than I had thought possible.  And even on quiet days like today I’ve found myself beaming from ear to ear like an idiot.  I’m so glad I did this