27th March 2014
So today I started building my Geocaching PQs for the trip.  I’d rather have too many caches planned rather than too few, so I’ve planned two massive routes  that I doubt I’ll get to complete.
Oklahoma doesn’t have a huge amount of caches but it has a few power trail.  It’s those I’m targeting, with a view that they will be easy and I should be able to rack up some numbers whilst away.
The problem is that these power trails are narrow and long, so my usual method of finding a cache to centre my PQ on and doing every cache for X miles won’t work here.  So I had to teach myself how to create a kml file of the route and then use Geocaching.com’s caches along a route feature. Took me some time and I’m sure there are easier ways to create it but it worked so those hours spent doing it were worthwhile.   If nothing else it will make for a great future article for GPSTracklog.  And more importantly, I have PQs set up that I can run whilst in Oklahoma.
The second challenge was the fact that I’m only taking the Mac with me, which means I can’t run GSAK unless I start running Parallels or all that crap.  However, I’ve found a replacement and seeing as I only need it for my US caches,  it’s probably best not to sully my GSAK database with a load of US unfounds.
The software is called icaching and is a GSAK clone.  It doesn’t have all the features but it has all I’m going to need so I purchased that and set it up.  Putting my newly created PQs into it, I really felt that I was now ready to cache whereas I didn’t feel I’d got anything done before and was starting to panic.
I still have to do another power trail and add in, but I feel the hard work’s been done now and it’s just a case of spending a coupleof hours creating the route to create this additional PQ.
Still need to get back to Oklahoma cachers about my plans but I’ve now starting to form more of an idea of what I’m doing and when.  Big question is whether I want to move my hotel around seeing as I could be caching in different parts of the state.  Things to think about over the weekend.