So it’s time to come clean.
For 6 months I’ve been keeping a huge secret from all of you.  How I’ve managed it, I have absolutely no idea.
Some of you believe I have been in Scotland for the last week for work.
This is a lie.
I am not at work, I’m not in Scotland.  Heck, I’m not in the country.
I’ve gone off to have an adventure so epic, it’s pretty mind-blowing.
I’m in Oklahoma
Now I can almost hear you all ask what’s so epic about Oklahoma.  It’s hardly the Amazon, there are no hills, and it’s not a tourist mecca.  Heck, it’s not even great for geocaches.  But what it is, is home to the world’s most severe weather.
Because Oklahoma is dead centre in Tornado Alley where every Spring they see huge outbreaks of killer tornadoes.  Killer tornadoes that I’m about to go chasing.
Now I’m being sensible.  I’m travelling with the best chasers in the world.  These are the guys who have armoured cars that they drive into the middle of these things.  But whilst I’m going to be in the van that follows behind that doesn’t make this safe by any means.
Nature is unpredictable and only last year the El Reno tornado killed three of what the storm chasing community considered the safest chasers in the business.  Make no mistake, this is really dangerous stuff.
Now it could be blue skies for the next ten days as I travel all over the US hunting down these storms, but we’re hoping to get close enough that we can actually fire parachute probes into these things with an air cannon.  That requires being a hell of a lot closer than the recommended 3 miles.
Hence for the last six months I’ve been working really hard on my fitness.  Hence why I’ve been up to 3am in the morning attending webinars to learn both science and safety.  And it’s why I travelled to Oxford a few weeks ago to attend and conference at Oxford University.
Yeah I’m a member of a research organisation and a fully trained storm chaser.  I even have certificates to prove it.
But here’s the exciting bit.  For the next 10 days you’re going to be able to follow me on the web.  You’ll be able to see where we are and watch live streams from us and other chasers.   With any luck, you might get to see a tornado or two as well.
Bookmark and check in every night.  There’s also a iOS app you can download for free that will allow you to watch us on the move, while you’re on the move.
I’ve got a load of blog posts scheduled detailing my last month of preparation for this trip and I hope to update on the road as we travel with news and progress.
We set off tomorrow from Oklahoma City and we’ll head out to wherever the storms take us.
I’m so excited about this, and glad to finally be able to share my secret with y’all.  I hope you’ll tag along for what I’m hoping will be a wild ride!