After I was off my pace for the last expedition, I was keen to get out and prove to myself that it was due to the manful rather than the hills. My usual geocaching crew were off doing a series I’d already done and whilst I don’t mind caching on my own, it’s more fun with someone (plus, it’s very difficult & time consuming to get into undergrowth currently with my legs like they are).

A call on Facebook got a few responses but it ended up with just SMStext and myself. We use to cache together regularly with others but that group fell apart because a third person. Like myself SMS has done a lot of caches so trying to find circuits neither of us had done was a challenge. But eventually I found three circuits all close together that, when combined, made about 90 or so caches over 15 miles (or so I estimated).
For an October day the weather was fantastic. We started in the village of Findon and walked up onto the South Downs. I’m not a great lover of hills. I tend to walk, stop, catch my breath, walk another short distance, stop again and so on. I’ve walked the Downs many times and I always say that the stunning views almost made the climb worth it. But I found the hills a lot easier than expected. They were still hell – SMS measured one where we ascended 250ft in a very sharp ascent but I pretty much did that without stopping for breath.
The views were stunning though and we could see the sea in the distance. Caches were pretty easy to find and the paths were generally good. We seemed to make good time as well as even though we measured the final distance at 20 miles, we were still back at the car by mid-afternoon. I didn’t feel like I’d walked 20 miles, let alone 20 miles up and down the South Downs.
We did a few extra caches to make sure but the final total was 101. 100 caches in a day is a bit of a milestone in geocaching and whilst I’ve done it many times, it’s still worth those few extra caches to get your total for the day into three digits.