Friday saw me in the Nene Valley near Kettering.  Having finished my course in Birmingham earlier that day and due in Cambridge on Saturday it made sense to travel direct and stop off along the way to do some Geocaching.

This part of the world is a bit of a caching hotspot and I like coming here:  the ground is fairly flat and open, the caches are densely packed, designed to be quickly found and the views are stunning.
Because I didn’t have a full day and because there was rain forecast at 7pm, I chose a small circuit of about 7 miles called Woodford and Back.  It follows the Nene River for a large part of the circuit.  The major downside is parking at the start.  Denford is a small village with equally narrow roads and even my usual go-to parking spot of down by the church only turned up a road where my parked car would cause disruption.  I ended up parked half on the curb on the main road with some other cars but I didn’t enjoy doing so.
The walk was lovely though.  I started walking past people setting up a tent for a party in a field behind the village.  There was something very middle-class England about it that seemed to match the tone of the village.  From there I moved into open fields and my first couple of caches before joining up with the river.
The banks were lined with willow trees and were absolutely gorgeous.  After a week of caching in urban areas, walking through fields and along riverbanks unspoilt by industry was cathartic.
Of course there were a couple of animal fields to pass through which I was a bit nervous with the leg – one with a very friendly horse come to see what I was doing at that fence post and another with a few cows with big horns that were equally inquisitive but luckily far enough away that we never got close.
At the bottom of the circuit I took a few diversions to pick up some extra caches.  This meant a lot of going back and forth down different footpaths but nabbed me a number of extra caches.
As I came into Ringstead, it was starting to spit with the first drops of rain.  Couple this with a Church Micro cache in a very exposed location and I was starting to want to finish.  Still got one extra but by the time I was walking across the fields back to Denford, it was really starting to rain and I rushed the last couple of caches.  I wanted to get 50 finds from my walk but when one of the last ones was a “Did Not Find” I decided to call it a day at a very respectable 48 finds.
Overall, a great little circuit in an area I hope to return to again very soon once I have a few days of guaranteed sun.