I might not have my finger quite so much on the action figure pulse as I once did but I do follow events. My collection is currently packed in a cargo container and I really don’t have the room for more than a couple of figures so know that if I’m thinking of buying an entire series, it has to be good. So with that in mind, I urge people to take a look at the Gothropolis Kickstarter.

Four Horsemen Studios are the guys behind the recent Masters of the Universe Classics collectors line as well as a lot of the DC mass market stuff coming out of Mattel. They brought to Mattel a level of craftsmanship and detail that really took that company from being behind in the collector market to being one of the mass market front runners. I defy anyone to stand in front of one of their prototype 2-ups (action figure sculpted at twice the finished size) and tell me that these things are not art. Add to that the fact that the guys behind the studio are super nice people, and you can’t help but want to support them in their endeavours.
What’s unique about the Horsemen is that they are also active in the independent scene, bringing their own original lines to market. This is increasingly hard to do. The rising price of steel has seen casting costs skyrocket, and it was never exactly cheap to make an action figure anyway. There are a lot of good independent companies making great figures but Goddamnit, if Four Horsemen Studios don’t make some of the nicest.
So for their latest line from their Gothropolis universe, they’ve turned to Kickstarter. If you’re a fan of action figures, or have your own geek shelf that could really do with a really cool and original figure that will make friends go “Holy crap, that’s gorgeous, what’s that?” then this is one to take a look at. As someone who spent a decade inside the industry as a tastemaker, let me tell you that this line is super hot. It’s already 20% funded in a few hours and some of the stretch goals look amazing.

Check out the Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fourhorsemen/gothitropolis-raven-action-figure-by-four-horsemen