So as you may remember, last month an infection caused a 6” hole to be blown in my leg. I acted quickly so whilst I had a plaster the size of an iPad and industrial strength antibiotics, I was relatively OK. It has stopped me working or doing things I normally enjoy other than geocaching (and even then I managed two drive-by caches in Bradford).

I have to go and get the nurse to change the dressing twice a week. There’s a few things under the plaster to aid the wound and draw out the infection but it’s a 10 minute pit stop. Things have been going well and the hole has shrunk right down as the swelling and infection reduced.
The Doctor’s surgery has been fantastic and I cannot praise them enough. But one things has become clear is that my old Doctor’s surgery missed many easy to do tests. Maybe it’s a question of equipment, time or training but here I find that the nurses want to fuss (in a good way) over me and check a few things out to pass back to my doctor. Perhaps I’m a willing guinea pig but after spending years trying to get people to take my health issues seriously, this feels refreshing.
One such test was to look at my circulation and involved taking the blood pressure of my leg. I’m sure, even if you’ve never had your blood pressure taken, you’ll have seen the cuff that gets wrapped round someone’s arm and then pumped up. Think how painful that is on a leg with a massive open wound.
I think that’s where the latest problems started. It hurt for a couple of days after that and as we got into the weekend, started to weep. Typically, the wound had been healing so well that they decided I only needed to come in once a week now, and I was trying to see whether I could hold on until Thursday.
I’m doing a lot of working from home on the day job recently… mainly because if I go into the customer office, I can’t put my foot up, but also because the discharge can be quite potent. I was chatting to a work colleague over the phone about some issue and then went to move my foot. I couldn’t move my toes. I looked and my foot and leg had swollen to twice the normal size. I felt like Dr Kananga from the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die. Thinking of the fountain that would result if this one burst, I hastily arranged an appointment with the doctor for that afternoon. In the meantime, my leg began to ‘sweat’, liquid pouring out of my leg. By the time of my Doctor’s appointment it had gone down a lot, but was still ‘sweating’ so I’m not going mad as the nurse confirmed that was what it was doing.
She bandaged me from toe to knee this time. I again got commended for doing the right thing at the right time (yay me) and am back on the antibiotics.
It sucks, my leg hurts like buggery and there are other complications, but it looks like they’re taking my health issues seriously where for years I’ve felt I was saying there was a problem and I was just told I was overweight and ignored. Plus I get to gross out some people talking about some of the decaying flesh form the initial explosion (yes, I am officially a zombie!).
I’m in relatively good spirits (although I do sometimes get angry that some things didn’t get discovered years ago) and just hope that we can get things diagnosed and sorted.