So I’m not fun to be around, I’m a bit distant (and a bit grumpy). I have no social life to speak of, and coupled with working from home for the day job, I’m having to make a conscious effort to leave the house. Yes, this can only mean one thing… I am up to my neck in writing the next book.

For someone who has pretty much cleared their slate to finish writing the book, I seemed to be overwhelmed with things to do. The last book took 13 years to write. Trying to do the next one in a year is proving a real challenge, and hence the massive push. All part of learning and growing as a writer.
But that said, I’m having fun writing. I sit there, making things up, telling myself that I am probably the only person in the world who will like this book and that it doesn’t matter. I’m not even going to worry that this one feels more swords and sorcery than urban fantasy. It’s cross-genre, and this has always been the plan.
But still I worry whether the book is correctly paced. I did a lot of work on the last book to ensure that Darwin’s and Maureen’s stories’ highs and lows balanced each other out. This one has a natural break a little way in. I may divide it into sections, I’m not sure yet.
As you might expect, there are some new characters in this book, one of which was craftily name-dropped in the first book. What? You thought the first book wasn’t littered with clues? At least you get some answers in this book. You’ll get to find out what the elves are up to! Although sorry to those of you who want to know a lot more about Cassidy as you’ll need to wait until book 3. Watch carefully though, there are plenty of hidden things in book 2.
And of course, whilst I write this the book beard continues to grow. My friends joke that given the length of time it took to write the first book my book beard will look like this image before I’m finished. Thanks, Mark!