So as oft happens when I’m busy, I don’t get time to blog about all the things that are happening. And typically, those are the times when I have potentially the most interesting blog posts to make. Instead, we’ll just have to make do with a summary of everything that has been going on.

I came down with a nasty cold whose cough pretty much wiped me out. My hacking caused me to pull quite a few muscles and at one point totally lose my voice. The voice has returned, the muscles are still sore. As someone with an over-active immune system, 10 days of cough now feels like a lifetime and I’ve started trying to ensure the house’s heat doesn’t yo-yo all the time as I’m convinced that isn’t helping.
Fantasy Faction has posted a further two parts of my interviews with four authors on craft. I’m really pleased how these articles turned out and it looks like Fantasy Faction want more in the future.
The first arcs of the novel went out to some reviewers this past week. Genuinely excited to see what people think, whilst at the same time trying to mentally toughen up so that I can weather any possible negative comments (I’d be a fool to think that every reviewer will love it without criticism).
Day job has also been pretty busy. We’ve been a man down the last couple of weeks so it’s been that extra bit busy as we try and cover the work. Still enjoying the job though which is great.
I managed to fail NaNoWriMo. The cold coupled with promotional work threw me completely off pace. Still the break has given me time to look back and decide what I like and dislike about the story so far, and a few chapters might see partial rewrites before I jump back into it at pace.
And I’ve still done next to no Xmas shopping, and have no idea what to get everyone.