This week has been busy with the business of writing. So much so, I think I have slipped behind on NaNo. So few hours, so much to do.
With a little over a month until the launch of the book there’s a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. These books don’t promote themselves and with Small Press you don’t even get a publicist to help you. So it’s nose to the grindstone, hard graft. Not that I mind.

I’m now at that stage where I have to start talking about people about my book and there’s that fear a lot of authors get where you worry the only person who will like it will be you. I have to remind myself that I am now the other side of the dream, and these are problems I would have given limbs last year.
But it does feel weird approaching people as a ‘proper author’, something that I could have defined a few months back but now wonder what it really is. I don’t feel all that different than I did a few months ago, the worries just change. Just like financial income, we always want more than we have.
So e-arcs are ready to go out, and hopefully I’ll be emailing all those people who know what one of those is. But in all seriousness, if you are an author or reputable book blogger (and by that I mean, someone who regularly reviews books with a view to writing an honest review not my mate setting up a blog in the hope of getting a freebie) and you are interested in reading the book, please give me a shout via email (Adrian at this domain), DM via Twitter or private message via Facebook and I’ll sort you out.