When I used to write Action-Figure, I would come home from a day’s contracting and work from 6pm until midnight. Not all of that was writing – there was a lot of html, image work and general admin – but I would still publish 10 articles a day.
I’m slowly coming out of what will always be known as “the big move”, a time when my whole life felt it was up in the air. Whilst my reading and writing suffered, I’m pleased with how much writing I did manage to do considering.
But now that’s over, and I need to once again find focus in my life. Whilst I’m not sure I want to work for 6 hours a night, I do want to have some structure to my writing.
The problem is the age old one: I get home from the day job and unwind with a bit of net surfing or gaming, and before I know it my evening has gone or I ‘feel too tired’ to write. These are amateur mistakes and I’m annoyed with myself for them.
I need to find a bit of focus, but lack the patience to let it develop naturally over time. There was once when I wished for less structure in my life, but now I find I want more. Oh how times change.