It’s a simple fact that I have too many personal projects on at the moment. If I was sensible – and I am not – I would take one and focus on that, leaving the others in reserve. If I manage to complete and find markets for them all, I reckon I’ll be able to slack off for years!
But in truth, I think I am playing… I’m trying different things in terms of craft, knowing that many won’t survive or will merge and combine. And yet, in the back of my head, I don’t want to be seen as a person who abandons things. Writing is nothing if it’s not completed.

And so I am surrounded by a mass of projects with more on the way, all with different priorities. With that comes a fear of naming them. Most don’t have proper names, and at least two of my projects share the same shorthand name. If I name them, it makes them real, it makes a commitment to them that I’m not ready to make. Maybe that’s part of the craft? I’ve seen many a writer act almost superstitiously about talking about what they are currently writing.
Many of my friends are busy with real projects, projects that have release dates, artwork , publicity and amazon listings. They feel so much more real than a lot of the stuff I’m currently derping around with. They have projects they can’t talk about, I have projects I’m not ready to talk about. I’m not a jealous person by nature, but it does make me feel I need to knuckle down and work.
So perhaps I’ll just have to give my projects stupid codenames, something silly to remind me to stop taking this all so bloody seriously. Just don’t expect Project Llama to necessarily turn into something miraculous.
Although, with so many projects, giving codenames to them all will be a job in itself.