Life has been unpredictable the last few months and if I’m honest, it’s still not all settled down. Which probably means that projects I’m currently working on probably haven’t sunk in yet. Somewhere along the line I realised I was a much better writer than I gave myself credit for. Still far from perfect with so much to learn, but I kinda looked at my absence of a career and saw only possibilities instead of brick walls. And like a wall that crumbles as roots attack its foundations, I’m starting to see the seedlings sprouting in the mortar.
My reading is all over the place, my new novel really hasn’t progressed anywhere near as much as I would have liked, but I’m writing exciting things that I think are pretty good. It’s chaos, but in a good, exciting way.
So because I’m busy, I’ll leave you with this very inspiring video of Neil Gaiman addressing a group of recently graduated arts students. “Make good art,” he instructs them and I’m trying to do the same.