Sometimes, you don’t update your blog because you have nothing to say, or more accurately, the time to say it. Moving was expensive and coupled with a few big bills, it’s meant that you’ve bunkered down and shut yourself away. Sometimes it means you’ve decided that since playing World of Warcraft costs under a tenner a month, now would be a good time to focus efforts on the time sink that is getting your bank alt’s guild bank clear of old stock, making a bit of gold in the process.
Sometimes, you’re busy with writing. You’re playing around with a new novel trying to get the voice and tone just right. You’re sending it to friends and asking what they think. Or maybe, sometimes, you’ve got an exciting secret project in the works you can’t talk about. You’ve just knuckled down to get work done rather than blog about the adventures and challenges you face.
Sometimes ‘real life’ work gets busy. You’re still enjoying it and have great work colleagues but there’s a lot of work to do and you’re getting on with it. Sometimes life isn’t interesting, but a lot of stuff is getting done. And whilst not everything is great, not everything is bad either.
So you don’t have time to think or even write interesting blog posts, even though you have a list of topics and promised yourself you would blog regularly.
And sometimes you look and think “wow, was it really 2 weeks since my last post?”