As I’ve previously mentioned, the weekend saw me up in Cambridgeshire to visit friends for a board games evening. Sunday morning saw us rise and drift gently into the day, accompanied by a soundtrack of Sunday morning cartoons and Mythbusters.
We all departed for our respective homes around Midday, but as it was such a lovely day, I decided to do some of the local geocaches. Barrington is a few miles north of where I was staying and a beautiful little village. There’s a series of just over 20 caches just to the North along a 4 mile trail.

The route is almost a figure of 8, but starts by going up one of the few hills in Cambridgeshire (I thought the Fens were supposed to be flat!). It was a long slow climb up a byway, broken up by regular caches along the way. However the view from the top made it all worthwhile with decent views to the north and the south. Met a couple of people walking, one who decided to temper the lovely weather by complaining how we’ve not had any rain and we’ll soon be in drought. I had to wait until they’d moved on before I could grab the cache at my feet.

After heading east for a couple of caches it was then time to go south back down the hill. This gave an impressive view of the cement and brick works. I love the juxtaposition of the rural and the urban, and seeing this impressive building dominating the landscape ticked a few buttons for me, despite the building itself being little more than an eyesore.

Down the hill and onward south I came into the northern edge of the village and ran into a family of non-geocachers who discovered one of the caches whilst taking their youngest “looking for fairies”. They now regularly visit them to look at the logs and see if anyone has visited. The grandmother seemed determined to find the entire series without the use of a GPS, so I pointed her in the right direction (although seeing as it’s a micro container in ivy along a long path) it may take her a while to find it.
Leaving the family behind, I headed back north and across a field, passing close to where I came down the hill, before picking up the final cache.

It took me just over 2 hours for 21 finds which wasn’t too bad, but when coupled with the lovely weather and fantastic views, made for a very pleasant afternoon.