There are elements of anime that I absolutely love. The hyper-reality where everyone’s abilities are ramped up to superhero proportions, huge frickin’ swords and the way that fantasy and SF mix as if it’s no big deal. Japanese storytelling is very different to the 3 act structure you commonly find in the west and as a result the story is rarely something you can guess.
I love the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie for all these reasons. And I’m not that huge a Final Fantasy fan. I get how the movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea and to be honest there are elements that don’t exactly fit for me either, but still, it’s something I really vibe off. It pushes creative buttons.
So in looking for a piece of music from the movie, I came across this fan-made trailer which uses Clint Mansell’s Requeim For A Dream (best known to most of you as the music in the trailer to The Two Towers). I like how the clips match the flow of the music.
If you’ve not seen movie, I think it’s worth a watch, even if there may be bits you hate.