Submitting to agents and publishers is a bit like applying for a job. If you’re trying to go for a good one, you’ll tailor your submission specific to the role you’re applying for.
Whilst all agents and publishers share similar submission requirements, each have their own quirks. Some want sample chapters, some just want a synopsis. And so with each submission you make there’s often some tweaking.

And that’s what I am currently working on. I’ve got some submissions that require a one-page synopsis and the only one I’ve needed until now is several pages long.
I’m pretty good with word counts. When I was doing regular non-fiction work I made a point of always hitting the word count exactly. It was a useful exercise that has aided me when I need to hack excess words away. So you’d think creating a one page synopsis would be fairly easy for me.
It’s not. It’s been next to impossible.
The problem is that for the number of words I have to play with I can’t condense everything down enough to fit it all in. And long before I even approach anything close to a single page, a lot of the heart and chracter of the novel is lost. It’s been infuriating and a mentally exhausting task. But then, in a fit of procrastination, a google search found this blog post that gave me a “Ahh-haa!” moment.
It’s given me a different approach and whilst it’s still ridiculously mentally tiring, I’m feeling a lot happier about this version. The first draft will still be over-long but I reckon I can eventually get it down to fit on a single sheet of A4, without losing some of the heart of the novel.