This weekend sees the return of the SFX Weekender and I’m currently getting ready for it.
Last year’s event proved a lot of fun. Despite being hosted in a holiday camp that looked like it was made to hold prisoners of war, there was a good crowd there and whilst I attended very few panels (I was nearly permanently in the bar) it was quite a laugh.
Even so, I hadn’t planned to go this year. January is the worst time financially and a tumultuous year this year means I’ve cut back on pre-booking cons. But a friend won tickets and so a posse of us will be heading up to the new Prestatyn venue via Cambridge on Thursday. Seems like a lot of people are going as well, so it will be good catch up, especially since Eastercon currently looks unlikely for me this year.
Because I’m on a very strict budget, I’ve been shopping to get a few bits of food (soup and pot noodles) today and doubt I will be drinking very much at all. But I’m looking forward to the event and look forward to seeing some of you there.