Thursday 27th February 2020

Well…  it’s been a while.

In that time, I’ve got older, fatter, and written some things.

There were a number of reasons I stopped updating.  First and foremost, it was taking a lot of time to keep up the daily schedule.  It was always rough and ready but the pace was starting to wear me down.  I got a promotion in the day job and needed to put my focus into that.  My writing career didn’t seem to be moving, and I have to be honest,  I lost a little faith.

Publishing is filled with self-doubt and sometimes that can get the better of you.  I feel like I’ve been climbing a mountain these last few years with a number of huge personal and professional challenges.  There will be plenty of time to go into those in the future.

Black as Knight has been through a major overhaul.  It’s leaner and tighter and (I think) a better story for it.  It went back to my agent a few weeks ago.

Whilst I’ve continued to compete with rapier & dagger, my new job made getting to training difficult and as a result I’ve put weight back on.  Didn’t stop me winning a bunch of medals and gave me a good understanding of how good I am when I’m not in peak condition

At the beginning of the year,  I made a detailed plan of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2020, and I’ve been busy putting the prep into that.  I always find the first couple of months of the year are about setup, and so I’ve been busy setting up systems (I love my systems!) to help steer me in the months and years ahead.

I’m unsure if The Climb will ever become daily again.   It’s possible I may try it at some point in the future, but for now…  I’m going to aim for once a week.

This is me dipping my toe back into the pool.